Hemorrhage Control

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Course Features
  • Lectures  –  3
  • Duration  –  6.5 hours
  • Skill level  –  No Prior Training Required
  • Language  –  English
  • Assessments  –  Yes
  • Certification – Yes

Hemorrhage Control

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This course is designed to give ministry personnel the knowledge, skills, and ability to save life in the event of a trauma inducing event resulting in massive hemorrhage. It will also introduce concepts critical to overcoming the physiological impacts resulting from such events making personnel and ministries more resilient.

What will be covered:

  • Intro to basics of trauma first aid
  • Understanding of the need for immediacy
  • Overcoming the mental stressors in high stress events
  • Arterial pressure point and pressure dressing application
  • Tourniquet use instruction and skill development
  • Wound packing instruction and skill development
  • Active killer response scenario


This class is open to all ages. We do however request that anyone attending understand that a level of maturity is necessary. Though discretionary steps will be taken to breach challenging subjects, there will be discussions and video content that will be challenging for the less mature to manage.

Suggested donation for this course is $30. Donations can be made online at, operationmordecai.org or in person the day of the class.


  • Maturity
  • Positive learning attitude
  • Comfortable and older attire (minor physical activity will be conducted)


Operation Mordecai exists to ensure that the Word of the Lord has free course. We are a nonprofit ministry focusing on training churches and ministries in security concepts that enable them to be well-trained, prudent, and resilient.


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2 reviews for Hemorrhage Control

  1. Leighlyn and Kyelum Ha

    Thank you for hosting the STOP the Bleed class at our church. The skills we learned came in handy a month after we took the class. Our Uncle accidently cut his finger pretty deep while sharpening kitchen knives. We grabbed a dish cloth and applied pressure to the wound. One of us monitored our Uncle (making sure to keep pressure on the wound) while the other looked for directions to the nearest hospital. Our Dad safely drove to the hospital, where our Uncle received six stitches.

    The breathing technique was critical in keeping us calm, especially after seeing the wound and the amount of blood. Because we practiced the breathing technique regularly, we were able to get out of that initial panic mode quickly. Our Mom did not, and she was running around franticly, trying to find our medical supplies.

    We thank the Lord for guiding us through this incident, and we thank you guys at Project Mordecai (and Stop the Bleed) for teaching us how to respond to emergencies. The hands-on practice in this class (especially working under stress) helped us to perform in a real situation. We absolutely recommend this class for everyone because you never know when you will need these skills.

  2. Brad Sutton

    I want to thank you for teaching the “Stop the Bleed” class. I’ve been to a few 1st aid classes over the years, but never to the degree of this class.
    Your course, emphasizing severe/catastrophic injuries due to an attacker on a killing rampage, gave me direction as to what to focus should I experience such a situation with catastrophic injuries. Given the current political & emotional climate of our country, it is only a matter of time that we are faced head-on with civil unrest in our own back yard, not just something we see on TV. Prior to your class, I would not have had a clue what to do even as an assistant to those with greater knowledge. I would have froze & likely caused more harm by being in the way. I clearly need more practice to gain additional knowledge & confidence, but now I know what to work on & feel I will now be an asset to many situations.

    1 added note, my entire crew attended this class & we all feel the same as to the take-away from what was taught. Bravo! To the OPERATION MORDECAI team!!

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