Providing Your Ministry With a Critical Line of Defense

Our Services

Operation Mordecai serves ministries including local churches, missionaries, and mission groups. 

We offer consultation, 1-3 day in-person training courses, and digital training resources.


Training for Pastors, Church Staff, Missionaries, Ministries, and Volunteers.
Threat assessments.
Site/area safety and security surveys.
Response planning.
Human security network construction.
Evasion, Escape, and Extraction planning (missionaries/mission trips).
Travel safety and security
pastor getting security consultation
man performing CPR

Medical Response Training

Learning what to do in medical emergencies.
How to stabilize the situation and respond.
Basic First Aid, CPR, AED.
Stopping the bleed: tourniquet application and wound packing.

Non-lethal Response Training

Learning de-escalation techniques.
Hand to hand defensive training.
Restraint and containment.
Other non-lethal force options.

armed security training session

Armed Response Training

Firearms: basic and advanced fundamentals.
Conceal Carry Training.
Edged Weapon Defense.
Team Skills.
Scenario based training.

Guiding Quotes:

“The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than to live on his knees.” — George Washington