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est. 2019

Our Story

Operation Mordecai was started as a nonprofit to prepare local churches, ministries, and
missionaries to deal with challenges to safety and security, nationally and internationally.

Our team, having actively served in safety and security professions for years, took notice of how unprepared most ministries were. Many of the gaps that challenge a ministry’s resilience can in fact be closed by reasonably forecasting trends, knowing what to do, and having the courage to implement appropriate measures. 

At Operation Mordecai, every one of our lives has been positively changed by the hope that rests in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our passion is to take the talents we have been given and invest them in unique ways so that others can thrive in their ministry calling, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

As threats continue to rise locally and internationally, Operation Mordecai began in 2019 with
the vision to serve the body of Christ by equipping churches and ministries to be prepared, well
trained, and prudent. Our Ministry members draw from decades of experience serving within:
multiple branches of the military, private security, firearm and medical instruction, first
responders, and cyber security professions. 

The training and consultation we offer is based in this experience and we strive to ensure the training offered is top tier. Many of our training classes offer certificates that can be helpful in minimizing liability. 

Please contact us if you need assistance and we look forward to serving alongside you.